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Captain Lee's last moments brings us back decades earlier and many episodes back. Af Apr 30 Kk Sep 12 Ok Nyeo kept looking for him but he didn't even go say goodbye to her. His love for his father is bigger than his love for Oknyeo.

DESCRIPTION: Anonymous Sep 08 3: Hopefully Oknyeo would stay with Jihun and the others, and won't let Taewon brainwash her.

Night Angel: She sucked his little dick well. Lovely FF Nylons. Hot Thanks

Suki O'uacha: hot chicks! hot pussys! hot! hot! hot!

Iliriacum666: omg how do you NOT lick that cream pie out?

Lyrics Master: I have to say.that was pretty fuckin hawt!

Karlito_ Ln: love it! i so want to be tied up like this wiggling around on the bed helpless!

JustJaida: She is mind blowing :)

AnnIEro0: Well, that was new and I liked it, but I would have felt much better, if they wohld have shown, how she was freed in the end.

Byebyegiomar: Humara bhi chus lo

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But it would be even better if JongGuem is helping out in one of the trading firms with the baby as in getting helped by the trading firm D but impressed by sooyoung's acting skills and a little bit dissappointed with lee jong hyuk's.

  • He even threatened not to walk her back if she doesn't tell him the king's identity
  • At this point we are supposed to be happy as Tae Won is finally "showing" some jealousy!
  • Everything else about the drama is awesome I am super excited for each episode and waiting is killing me. KoSoo was pretty good in portraying that strict and staight guy actually, refusing to show his jealousy!

I just hope that this bad feeling won't come true. Remember that Queen Dowager Moonjeong also received a blue hairpin from King Jungjong before becoming his third formal wife. I wonder what ON will do about it, though. Sanya Sep 25 Nas Oct 25 9: Even if it is a historical drama.

It gets on my nerves that we had to wait for so long and I can't wait for sub for this episode and for the rest of the episodes to come out. Thank you for ur show! But can we forget that Oknyo first is a strong young Korean woman of the lowest possible background who wants to make life Juun for her people?

Dating Alone (Hangul: 나홀로 연애중) is a South Korean reality variety show that was broadcast from February 1, to April 18, , where male guests participate in virtual dates with female celebrities who act as virtual lovers. Non-Summit (Hangul: 비정상회담; RR: Bijeongsanghoedam), also known as Abnormal Summit, is a South Korean television program on JTBC which first aired on July 7, ~teamhhj-lya-jsy Jan 24 am Feel director lee byung hoon is concerned and good to his actors and actress so that they are close friends, dong -yi and the flower in prison casts are reunited recently.

Xandra Oct 03 5: Pd of k-drama always taking care of what netizen have to say. I bet the king will be so happy Like, they just randomly started thinking about each other after meeting a couple of times

  • I think this is the same case , he will become the main role by himself. I like King most.
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  • In episode he's getting more screen time than the main lead Taewon..

I think this is the same case , he will become the main role by himself. His relationship with Ok Nyeo is easygoing and occasionally you can feel then"spark" when they exchange glances. I already multiple times wrote that Ko Soo one of my favorite actors, but in this drama I absolutely disappointed about what I regret.

All the characters delivers their character so well. Pd of k-drama always taking care of what netizen have to say. D Also, Sooyoung is one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen but that funny hair style they gave her- why? No use in hoping something like that will happen with TFiP though. Sara Sep 14 4:

I also like the fact that they did not include explanation of why there are 2 worlds to begin with. I've loved every episode so far and in my mind thinking of how I hope the rest of the episodes will turn out. After 35 episodes it is getting real tiring, especially the blood related thing going on with the king. Taewon character currently a bit annoying,also its possible he'll receive punishment if his Father died beheaded n his family member receive punishment.. He then lost his best friend in an accident and suffered from heavy guilty. Sindina Jun 05 2: Even if I know that have very slim chances together, I still support them as the couple since they have the most chemistry, in my opinion.


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