How Much Does A Bench Bar Weigh At Planet Fitness



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A lot of this is because they don't want actual lifters in the gym, as they feel it scares off customers. Berin Loritsch 44k 1 49

DESCRIPTION: A word made up by Planet Fitness used to describe one who grunts, drops weights, and judges. That really throws off my exercises, so I bought a barbell and power rack. I've heard everyone say to never touch a smith machine for squats?

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Is the Weight Lifted on a Smith Machine the Same As Free Weights? |

I go in to do my own thing. In this moment, I am euphoric. People for whom a slice of pizza one night a month isn't going to make that big a difference in their gainzzz.

  • Sounds like a great opportunity to pick up some sturdy equipment for cheap.
  • I have to say that sounds like the most intimidating gym environment I can imagine. Check out your local PF, they vary.
  • If they go up to 75lbs, you could lift with those just in front of a mirror without worrying about failing catastrophically. The one I go to has a squat rack I think I'm the only one that uses it so it's always open , has plenty of benches, and free weights up to 75lb.
  • Since the first PF post or two got popular here, other redditors are taking note and posting stories about their local PF's removing equipment. It sucks, but it happens.
  • As far as a business goes this is a great idea esp in my largely populated area.

The one at my gym is 20 and it si Life Fitness. Heavy weights in general cause more damage. You pay to be a member. The standard bench-press bar weighs 45 pounds without any weight added to it. I would never try it on bench yeah that seems more dangerous. I've always seen them at 20 pounds or so.

The Rules:

They weigh 15 pounds before you add any plates. A Closer Look at the Smith Machine. But training isn't ever meant to be smooth sailing.

November 20, , Thanks for the correction. All these things have their place. Back in college I went to a PF, and it had everything you needed.

  • How Much Does a Bench-Press Bar Weigh?
  • I know of locations that actually have their lunk alarm go off for like an entire minute though. It got me moving harder than I'd ever worked before, and I realized that exercise wasn't going to kill me, not exercising was going to.
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  • Since the first PF post or two got popular here, other redditors are taking note and posting stories about their local PF's removing equipment.

In the long term, I think they'd be much more successful if people were actually going to the gym and seeing amazing results. Davey Wavey is a certified personal trainer and YouTube sensation with more than million video views. Smaller dumbells, no free bench, and no free squat decreased their costs significantly.

You guys are lucky, I've never seen a free bench or squat rack at any planet fitnesses by me, and I've been to a few. You'll find a standard bar on most bench press racks. I've always seen them at 20 pounds or so. April 6, at 5:

The alarm didn't go off though. A bar can also feel lighter or heavier depending on the thickness of the bar. There might be a lot of PF locations that aren't phasing out free weights or that did so a long while back, but nobody posted about that. It's reasons like this that I invested in a home gym. I'm sure you've already thought about that, just saying what I've done.

Can't train for cheap anymore at planet fitness? In my city we have 5 golds, 2 AmFams, and 4 crossfit gyms in a 15 miles radius. Be respectful and civil 2. I'd love that here in Aus. No weight lifted on any machine is the same as using free weights.


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