How To Make My Girlfriend Come Fast



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The girls from my experiences with small tits, all got a lot of pleasure from nipple stimulation. Every time you keep fingerings to see if she is ready, but will only delay her by putting the pressure of what you want to get at. So by my estimation……. Place a pillow under her lower back and slightly lift her legs so her ass is just off the bed. A few spanks will blow her mind.

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BTW, your English also sucks. This will get her excited, and make her more sensitive. You must make me feel like I look mind-blowingly hot, like your just dying to take my clothes off. As mentioned above, with additional stimulation a woman will move from the plateau phase into orgasm. Hits her g-pot every damn time. February 25, at 4:

Her body with come alive from your touch and it will make it easier for her to orgasm. So, using a blindfold in the right situation is a great way to give her one of the most exciting orgasms of her life. By talking to your girlfriend, and asking her what she enjoys. Your being a woman is entirely irrelevant. The vast majority of women get off (or get off more easily) from clitoral stimulation than vaginal stimulation.

How To Make A Woman Orgasm Fast… With These 3 Killer Sex Positions

I just wanted to say that your comment rocks, D! Related Questions How can I make my girlfriend reach orgasm fast? The girls from my experiences with small tits, all got a lot of pleasure from nipple stimulation. Sounds like you might be banging his best friend. So are you saying that lasting more than 30 minutes is not that good a thing? August 5, at

Is lasting to long a bad thing because I think to long is bad for me and so does my gf. I just want him to make me feel like I make him feel.

I mean think about it, have you ever had a handjob that felt better than whacking it? Damsel in distress says:

  • How do I help my girlfriend reach an orgasm faster ?
  • Smack her on the ass when she walks past you. NO clit at all BUT, i knew where it was from experience.
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When your in the foreplay though.. I have dobe this and now sometimes I cant even ejaculate the first time but my girl cums times! September 21, at 7: Damsel in distress says: Best of luck in your game!


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