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I also think I have an original Mr. I was thrilled and told him so. Tweedy comics for my own children to enjoy. I hope Ned Riddle would be proud to know just how many kids grew up loving the comics and newspapers in general because of his work.

DESCRIPTION: Louis and began painting in watercolors. Tweedy from my local paper.

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I remember a special Mr. Ned then sent my Mom a Mr.

  • My favorite strip had Mr Tweedy taking a phone survey. I hope to reconnect with my dear friend again!
  • I now discover he is a mind reader as he advises me to sort thru and pick out some several of the cartoons that I like and I can take them home with me.
  • I remember a special Mr. Tweedy Cartoon, looks given to my Mom and a letter from him to my Dad.

The side of the van has the name of the nursery: The vehicle was a crane. Oh how I love my paperback book of Mr. This is how I found out the sad news that another Icon has passed to a better place. In his garage he has stacks and stacks, literally hundreds, if not thousands, of the originals of the cartoons he has drawn over the years and they are stacked up waist high. Tweedy was often getting the short end of the stick, but was not mean-spirited in response.

For a loser, Mr. Tweedy sure hung around a long time. And Mr. Tweedy, the title character in Ned Riddle's popular one-panel comic strip, probably could have hung around a little longer if his creator had wanted him to. 'Mr. Tweedy' ran in syndication from until , reportedly running in The Oil City Derrick carried the Mr. Tweedy strip, and I’d always save it for last. I’d read the rest of the comic section first, while eating my breakfast cereal and toast. When I’d finished that, I read Mr. Tweedy for dessert. I’d get on the school bus feeling a little more enlightened, a little more insightful, a little more realistic about life. Ned’s work has a .

At the end of our conversation he kindly offered to send some originals. In he resigned from the Dallas Morning News to concentrate on his strip full-time. My favorite cartoon features Mr. This room is larger than the cartoon room and Ned has several Taeedy in progress in various Comic Strip Mr Tweedy of production. Emily and I were on the drillteam together at Hillcrest, so that one particular cartoon was very special. I grew up in Dallas, and remember reading Mr.

Mr. Tweedy, by Ned Riddle Strip run: - Ned Riddle served in the Navy as a navigator's assistant aboard the submarine, the USS Piranha during World War II. To entertain the crew, he drew caricatures of his superiors for a weekly newsletter. Mr. Merryweather (–) by Dick Turner Mr. Tweedy (–) by Ned Riddle (US) Mr. and Mrs. (–) by Clare Briggs and later Arthur Hamilton Folwell, Ellison Hoover, Frank Fogarty, and Kin Platt. That's over 2, pages of comic strips! These are the complete books and you can copy them to your PC, print them out, whatever you choose! To see exactly what you will be getting, just click on each title below. But, I want to emphasize that you will be getting.

Oh how I love my paperback book of Mr. I just found it in my attic and sat down and read it cover to cover. Tweedy, by Ned Riddle.

He offers to sign each one with a salutation that includes my name which I allow him to do. Tweedy for last when reading the Milwaukee Journal Green Sheet because it was the best cartoon of all. My deceased father also took tons of slides and although most relatives enjoyed viewing his photographic skills, perhaps they just watch the slides to please my father. Tweedy in the long gone, dearly missed Washington Star.

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  • My favorite part of the paper is a one panel cartoon, Mr.
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  • He asked what profession I was in and that of my wife and sent two that were appropriate, with photos of his sculpture and a nice note. I also went to high school with Emily Riddle, and remember thinking how neat it must be to have that sort of talent in the family — a famous dad who made people laugh with some of the cleverest and most insightful cartoons ever.
  • Ned is very polite and Karon and I are immediately comfortable in his presence.

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I sure wish now I had cut them all out. Tweedy was the greatest! Tweedy, by Ned Riddle.


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